DiGiKerot on Streaming Catalog


Animax pretty much work on the opposite business model to Crunchyroll, in so much as new episodes of “simulcast” shows are available for around two weeks to everyone, and what the subscribing user is paying for access to is catalogue content. I do have to give them props for at least having some catalogue content beyond things which they have previously streamed – they have a couple of historic “heavy hitters” like Code Geass and Death Note in their back catalogue.

Actually, Crunchy has subscriber-only titles too, so they are not as opposite as they look. Most aggravatinly, the original pre-Shippuuden Naruto was like that. Currently, Hadigirl is a subscriber-only catalog title. I was mildly intrigued by it, just not enough to break my boycott of Crunchyroll subscription due to them dropping DTO-no-DRM. Pigfuckers.