1. Looking forward to Akita

    I made a post about my upcoming trip to Akita at one of my numerous blogs and an online acquaintance commented:

    I used to live in Ugo-Honjo shi of Akita Pref. when I was an elementary school kid, which city faced the Ocean of Japan.
    This area produces really nice …

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  2. Gia on love hotels

    Gia agitates for love hotels in America. But she does not understand that the phenomena rests on other Japanese hotels discriminating against this use. I saw signs "please entertain your friends (who are not reistered guests of our hotels) outside of your rooms" (translated into English it means "do not …

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  3. Let blind lead the blind

    Hikago asks what the difference is between kimono and yukata. Obviously he could've researched that, but in the spirit of sharing the excitement of being a shameless weaboo, here's what I know from my limited experience... And if it makes snobs like WAH to squirm, so much for the better …

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  4. HRP-4C

    Honda, creators of Azimo, are at work again (via Telegraph). The result is called HRP-4C. For any practical purpose it's a useless gimmick (look at Youtube), but it's a fun project. Another thing, check out how they addressed the uncanny valley:

    "If we had made the robot too similar to …
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  5. Speechless

    As reported by Rob Coppinger the JAXA's spaceship is a transformer: it dramatically reconfigures itself after the launch.

    Unbelievable. Clearly someone watched too many Macross series.

    UPDATE: Dr. Antonio Elias of OSC says:

    That way the crew module can have an itsy bitsy hatch to go to the (pressurized) cargo …
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  6. Limits of Internet

    Spent a few hours today trying find the original title of a short story by Yasutaka Tsutsui (筒井 康隆), about a young matematician solving his problems with the help of Tokyo commuter trains. It was translated into Russian (two times) under the title "Кольцевые ветки". No amounts of Googling in …

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  7. Astronerdboy on the moldy train clip

    Astronerdboy linked that old and moldy video clip that I saw years ago. It made circles anew recently thanks to Failblog.

    When I lived in Japan, I never went out and about during the morning or evening commute times simply because there is NO way I would ever put up …

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