Rocket Girls, animation quality

Here's just a quick note about the poor animation quality. I have screenshots, but it's a big bother to upload and link them currently, so this is just jotting the material down for future use. Ep.5 - They had a nighttime scene, where animators usually place a round fog, like in a flashback, only dark. It means "night" with mysterious shades in corners... And then they panned the camera. Of course, the shade got disconnected from the set. Ep.6 - They blew shading of Tanpopo. In space, these shades are very sharp, and when they try to recreate this in animation, the object looks deformed. They should've turned the capsule relatively to the Sun, so the terminator would be bent with the shape of the hull. So the general impression is of series animated by amateurs or first-timers. It's not necesserily low budget. The 3D in ep.1 and 2 was the pitifuly low budget, but other such moments are just lack of smarts and/or experience.