Wisdom of Ms. Leila

June 13th, 2007 by Author

In ep.8, Leila-sensei says approximately this about Shipon: “When she looks forward, she only looks forward. When she looks back, she only looks back.” She means that Shipon has wild performance swings between outstanding and unacceptable according to her frame of mind at the time. When I heard it for the first time, I thought that she quoted a proverb, it was so melodic.

So, what did she really say? After listening to it about 10 times, this is what I heard:

R. JAMES:  前向きだね? まえむきだね?
LEILA B.:  前を向いたら、前ばかり。 まえをむいたら、まえばかり。
  後ろを向いたら、後ろばかり。 うしろをむいたら、うしろばかり。

It does not seem like a proverb after all.