Rocket Girls round-up

June 20th, 2007 by Author
  • Danny Choo:

    Cant remember exactly why I dropped this. I think t’was because it took too long for something to happen.

    I am linking this for the sheer weirdness of his perception, considering the breakneck pace of the show. I thought too many things were happening, it was pure Vandread.

  • Don:

    Ultimately, it comes down to whether the engineering fanservice and skintight spacesuits compensate for the ugly computer animation. I enjoyed the show. YMMV.

    Since we’re in perfect agreement, I would not link Don usually. Also, he back-linked to me and so this double-linkage is uncoth. The reason I’m doing it is the screencap that he included. I so wanted to use it myself, but he got there first.

  • Nick Istre:

    […] but I do like how the writers took pains to not (completely) trivialize the dangers of space travel.

    I have no foggiest idea what Nick was trying to say. Or, to put it better, I have several ideas, each more nonsensual than the previous one.

  • Omo:

    In some ways all of this pseudo low-tech sci-fi gets on my nerves like a confused bee grazing under a blooming Spring sky. Is it like Gundam? As in, an event several decades ago that changed the minds of the animators and creators forever? Are we bridging that gender gap? My parents saw the momentous Apollo 11 landing broadcast live across the world and told me about it when I got older, and most of you reading this blog probably hasn’t, or too young to remember. Is it just a staple genre that old Japanese guys buy to remind them the memories of fascination and dreams they had as children? I don’t know. [Emphasis mine — Author]

    I think the Apollo moment was great. I knew it coming from two kilometers away, and I expected it to be cheezy and/or corny. But it avoided the abyss by a hair. To say more would be too spoilerish even for a free-flowing and irreverent blog such as this. So, all is left for me is poking fun at Michael’s presentation. Now every time I overdoze on blog flourish, it’s going to be called “the confused bee grazing”. At leat it wasn’t a dark and stormy night. Also… He probably meant a generation gap.