Interview with Hung

June 30th, 2007 by Author

The Sea Sliugs posted an interview with Hung of BasuGasuBakuHatsu. I expected them to touch upon the reviewing of free stuff and Steven’s criticism, but not plopping it right on top. No burying the lede here, that’s for sure. Hung himself handled the “incident” with remarkable maturity [^1].

From there, the interview goes on to AnimeNano (it’s also ran by Hung, in case you didn’t know), and a short-format Q&A about things like favourite series. Pretty interesting. As they say, RTWT(link).

^1: The same, unfortunately, cannot be said about Hung’s commentors. For instance, one “DrmChrs0” immediately called Steven “dick” and suggested that Steven “sucks monkey balls”. I’m new to the stanalone anime blogging, but In the English-speaking political blogosphere this level of discourse is usually found at trashy leftist blogs (re. Amanda Marcotte’s story). One more reason not to have comments at all.