Impz and Owen on Elitism

July 2nd, 2007 by Author

IMHO, the much-promoted double feature turned out to be less than I expected.

Owen obviously wants to be a liberal scholar in heart, so his item is well structured, but fails to connect to readers (that is to say, to me). I am just not all that interested in made-up problems (such as “anime elitism”) and made-up taxonomies invented to tackle the made-up problems intellectually. I read too many scholarly papers doing just that. Most of these papers try to advance so-called “social justice”, which is basically a bunch of elitists telling us how to live. Now that’s a real problem with elitism.

Impz, if lacked in refinement by comparison, at least chose topics relevant to an anime fan, and tried to build a coherent argument:

Everyone always complain about Narutards, but that’s simply a problem of having a large audience and widespread acceptance. When you’re sampling from a larger population you’re more likely to find something you’re looking for, which is, in this case, idiots.

Not necesserily true, and has no research under it, but it has logical consistency. If you share Impz’s assumptions, you have no choice but to agree.