Yoko Ishida is on the road again

As seen at TheAnimeBlog (Of course I do not read that outlet. I saw this at Antenna, honest!), Yoko Ishida comes to America again (more evidence of Ishida-san's stubborness and obsession with undeserving us). It took me minutes of intensive clicking to find where the concert is going to be (Springfield, VA), and when (August 11). A marketing genius at the promoter decided it would be an awesome idea to put the vital information into a banner ad's gif istead of the webpage itself. Thanks for not using Flash at least...

The whole business smells of AnimeFusion, I'm afraid. That one was a series of concerts at shopping malls, sponsored by SunCoast (which was at the verge of bankrupcy at the time). I was quite happy to attend one, but the overall impression was of a sorry affair, with pathetic crowd sizes. Admittedly, it's different this time. Scion sponsors the tour, and we get to buy tickets. So it's not going to be quite as embarrassing.

Unfortunately, Virginia is quite far for me, and I'm not enough of a fan to travel there. I'm just going to buy the new CD, GNCA-1142, coming out in September.

UPDATE: David of TheAnimeBlog asked me to clarify what "of course" statement meant. I thought it was self-evident that TheAnimeBlog was geared towards those already in the orbit of the industry, and I am a fan. Industry news are important for fans, of course, which is why we have ANN. But TheAnimeBlog also likes to antagonize fans for some reason... They were in my holding tank of candidates forever, but every time I get ready to add them to my feedlist, street cred be damned, something like AX07 coverage happens.