When Trees Were Big

July 27th, 2007 by Author

When ADV started hating their own customers in public, we sort of forgot that they used to do good. I received the first DVD of RahXephon today, and was reminded how the gentle and cuddly ADV of years past released up to five episodes per DVD on first release.

I am watching Figure 17 currently, which is about the same vintage title. Media Blasters released this 13-episode series on 6 DVDs. Thank heavens for Netflix!

UPDATE: Great, just great. No sooner I put my foot into my mouth, I see this (at KarmaBurn):

Figure 17 seems to be a pleasant enough show. It’s not wildly impressing me by any means, but it is entertaining enough, and novel in that its episodes are double-length.

The dumbest part is, I noticed that VOBs were unusually large, and was going to post a note about varying DVD compression. It never occured to me that episodes were longer. Come to think of it, how long are they? Gotta check.

Also, same place:

One thing I I don’t like is how Tsubasa and Hikaru persistently have that stupid cat mouth thing that’s supposed to be moe. You know, the wavy smile represented in the emoticon :3 except with sizable overbites. I’m going to go on record as saying Cat Mouth is not cute; it looks retarded.

I am not so sure.

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