Rocket Girls and Danny Choo

August 25th, 2007 by Author

Danny made a post about a new(?) figurine of Yukari of Rocket Girls and asked:

Never did get round to finishing off Rocket Girls but after seeing this figure am thinking of picking it up again – any thoughts on the anime?

I wrote about it before:

As an anime, it [Rocket Girls] fails, in my view. Deforming characters, insufferable 3D inserts, and the overall amateurish and excessively computerized flavour did it in. But as a statement, it endures. Although sponsored by the mega-buraucracy of JAXA, which does its utmost to copy the worst of NASA, the show nonetheless had decidedly NewSpace-ish bend. And this makes me hopeful.

I suppose I was a bit too harsh, it was bad but not that bad. Anyway, see for yourself. If you can survive the first two episodes, you’re in: it only gets better as the staff learns on the job.

P.S. I have to say, that figurine is damn sexy, although I am not quite sure if it portrays the way the suit is put together faithfuly. I think a skintight suit should have a thermal control layer under the pressure layer, just like a traditional gas-pressure suit. Otherwise Yukari would bake in a matter of minutes.

P.P.S. The author of Scrumptious says that she never heard of Rocket Girls. I suppose this is what we have heavyweights like Danny for — to spread the gospel. But I wonder, how many other great titles I have never heard about? Heck, nobody heard about? Until “two weeks” ago Shingu was in that category…