RahXephon addendum

September 19th, 2007 by Author

I talked with my kids about RahXephon and several items cropped up. Needless to say, this is going to spoil a lot.

Firstly, criticisms:

* Why does nobody recognize Ixtil when she appears in the shape of Mishima?

   I supposed that it has to do with the way people change over time, and heard “but all that changed is haircut!” A vigorous discussion of anime visual language ensued…

* Why is Ayato of 14 looks the same as Ayato of 17?

  OK, I agree, that really was a blooper. Haruka remembered Ayato chibified, so it would cost creators nothing to adjust him, but they forgot.

* Asahina is superfluous.

   Not sure about that, I suppose it’s all a part of the overall story. If we really start cutting things away, Commander’s daughter can be cut too.

Next, missed items:

Girls delivered through the shrine were Quon and Maiya. They are usually right about such things because they read FAQs. I could not quite figure it out, and thought that perhaps they were Haruka and Meg.

A. says that Meg had a crush on Soichi for a long time and it was obvious because she made him presents etc. According to her tesimony, teenage girls are crush prone this way, which is why she switches to Ayato so quickly. I don’t know why, but that storyline took me by surprise.

And finally, things nobody understands:

Why did the manifestation of Ixtil as summoned by D look exactly like the
Ayato’s version? We know that Ayato modelled it after Mishima Senior,
but D never met her. He could not know how she looked except by studying
Ayato’s art.

I mentioned it before on my own, but again, why do Quon and Ayato have to fight and create the whole apocalipsis?

All in all, the show is thick and is asking for a second pass, but it’s too bloody and creepy, so maybe later.

UPDATE: A couple of postings at Animesuki may be interesting. One (by “kujoe”):

Barbem was really more of a schemer behind the scenes. By paving the way for certain events, he was able to put the two Olins against each other in the final battle. But since Ayato was just a supplementary catalyst of sorts for Quon, I kinda assumed that Barbem expected Quon to win–which of course didn’t happen due to Quon helping Ayato in the end. I guess it wouldn’t really matter who won as long as Barbem got what he wanted.

Two, by “MrProphet”: (abridged, see context for the interview)

Oshii […] These days, the fact that there is no controversy concerning copying in animation and that there’s no awareness of it is a big problem. In my mind, the greatest achievement of EVA is that it is self-aware of being a copy. That was a huge change, and it was a big turning point. That’s why I pay attention to Anno. Not about what he’s going to make but as a situation. […]

Izubuchi: You’re telling me to consciously master that (laughs). But for this job, I don’t really know if it’s a copy of not, but I did feel like I wanted to try and see if that route couldn’t be followed once more. I suppose that might mean that it’s a copy of a route that’s perpetuated to this day.