Name order

September 27th, 2007 by Author

At a press-conference for Formula 1 Grand Prix of Japan, while speaking in English, Takuma Sato produced an illustration to the name-order debate (emphasis mine):

Q: A quick one for Takuma to follow up that previous question: how long did it take you to get up to Mt Fuji?

Takuma Sato: I think that, depending on where you start it, you can almost climb half by car. If you start the climb from the bottom, it takes six hours or something. I think that Ukyo Katayama, my favourite Japanese driver, he’s almost jogging up to the top of the mountain before having breakfast — he goes up and down in three hours. I’m not quite as quick as Ukyo-san, but I did normal climbing, and I think I was average. I was quite small too — I was just a little boy.

As you can see, if honorifics are used, it’s impossible to stick to the normalized order, but otherwise it’s the desired way to speak.