To Heart Omake 6

September 28th, 2007 by Author

The last DVD of R1 To Heart includes an omake which outperforms just about everything I’ve seen of the kind. The Azumanga VSM holds an edge because its production values are significantly upgraded respectively the animation of the main show. However, when both Omake 6 and VSM set out to retell the show with a twist, Omake 6 covers more ground. The VSM cannot really capture the deeply moving spirit of Azumanga due to its short length, so it has to concentrate on the comedy and thus it falls behind.

The retelling is done in a shape of a stage play, with the audience sitting in for the TV viewers, so they get to support their favourites (e.g. girls squeal when Masaishi makes his entrance).

Girls get to execute a personality recap, some of them helped me to understand them better. In other words, it wasn’t at all clear to me that Remmi was a fanservice vehicle (perhaps in the game it was more explicit). These caricatures were very life-like and spot on, with the exception of Kotone, whose personality was far more outgoing than in the main show.

Like other To Heart omakes, Omake 6’s characters are chibified, and I mean really chibified, not just a little bit like characters of Manabi. This probably is meant to indicate the humorous nature of the episode.

I think that on the whole the creators came very dangerously to the zone of “you only need to see Omake 6 to know everything you need to know about To Heart”.