Kurogane on Gurren-Lagann

September 30th, 2007 by Author

Kuro says (major spoilers! good thing I’m spoiler-proof), in effect, that with Gurren-Lagann, GAINAX buried the spectre of Gainax ending. I’m so watching that show on R1 DVD. It is licensed by ADV (an accident or a welcome turn-around from the age of “sniping”? time will tell). I went and added a gurren-lagann tag in anticipation.

UPDATE: Kurogane added one more post with this:

Also, Simon’s decision to not use the Spiral power to revive Nia and the rest of the Gurren Lagaan when suggested by Gimmy was a very nice touch by the production team, possibly as a way to subtly criticize other studios who might build up emotional impact by killing characters, but waste it all on a cop-out at the end. Simon rightly says that reviving the dead will eventually hinder the ones who follow after, and I can’t help getting flashes of a certain other mecha show that was popular recently.

I’m wondering what mecha show he has in mind, because there are so many. Apropos the revival, the world reset was the thing which displeased me most in RahXephon. If GL avoids it, it’s all to the best.

UPDATE: I asked Kurogane on IRC about it, and he said he meant Gundam Seed Destiny.