Bamboo Blade begins

October 28th, 2007 by Author

This is a poor comedy on a simplistic premise, but starts strongly. On the watchlist list it goes.

Animation is lively, if simplified by comparison with the top performers of the season. I even saw some nasty 3D in the beginning. But oh well, I need my dose of LOLz.

FRIDGE: I put Bamboo Blade on candidate list initially after seeing it in Aroduc’s scan long time ago, but Astro made me bump it up with the screencap of the odd guy. Also, I think Astro is right about the Chiba’s Excel connection; not just in appearance, but also in enthusiasm. But it’s only a hint.

I forgot to mention, the rare word kohai is heard in Bamboo Blade. I had a hunch that Japanese for some reason avoid using it, and just report facts about the hierarchical position of the other person, allowing listeners to make conclusions. But I guess not.