Sketchbook begins somewhat

October 28th, 2007 by Author

Sketchbook ~full color~ fails to grab me. Yunocci was a far more appealing character than Sora.

Since the Sketchbook comes with recommendations by Jeff, Astro, and Don, it should be worth watching, but at the first glance it seems to miss any kind of special ingredient.

The out-of-play skits such as those shown by Astro were great, but even then Hidamari had them beat when Yuno was delirious. In any case they are not sufficient to carry the anime for me. I like little moments like the one with sparrow better.

And BTW, references? Please. I had enough of that shit in Lucky Star.

This show teeters on the list by the skin of its teeth.

P.S. In a tragic turn of fate, Doremi subs both Sketchbook and Bamboo Blade. But of course I want them to do more Bamboo Blade! If I’m not alone, this bodes poorly for quality subs of Sketchbook.