Jason has it made

October 29th, 2007 by Author

I saw an interesting post at AoMM. It is, unfortunately, meta – a bloggage about blogging – but it’s pretty insightful. The other time I’d toss up a post “Jason on blogging” and engage in nitpicking. But what attracted my attention today was the lead picture: I can only think of it as a fanart for AoMM (for those who do not want to open a new tab, the picture illustrates the recent slogan of the blog). I admit freely that I’m jealous; I’m not at a point where anyone would send me a picture of a 0.7mm pencil. Way to go, Jason, and godspeed.

UPDATE: It looks that I misunderestimated the scope of the slogan change. AoMM is no more; it is DbD now. I seem to remember vaguely that Jason used to write “Hand of Glory” at yayapapayaz.com (the domen was captured by squatters since), so it’s not the first change-over.

UPDATE: The hive-mind reminded that the above is wrong: “Hand of Gory” was written by Zyl. I am not good at remembering things, sorry. Jason’s old blog was “Toybox”.