Minami-ke down

October 30th, 2007 by Author

After the Sketchbook squeaked it by, Minami-ke is the first abandonment of the season. It is also a first-episode abandonment, which I haven’t had in a long while (I’m a big believer into giving anime a chance). The main problem is Kana, who imitates the worst of Miu from Ichino Mashimaro.

Minami-ke’s art leaves a strange impression. It looks simplified, sometimes horribly so. I’d compare it with Crescent Love (Yoakena), although counting formally, it should be a small step above. It has no SD. To wit, bad noses, good eyes (actually I liked eyes a lot). The scaled-down shots look ok, so perhaps it’s an effect of the resolution.

The show is not without its good poits. I laughed out loud at the kiss-o-rape, for one thing. Also, Kana’s pretentious Japanese could be quite funny. Nonetheless, watching her was too excuriating to continue.

FRIDGE: I’m so good. It’s the same goddamn studio! They seem to be improving… Or perhaps an injection of money helped. However, I stayed with Crescent Love for 8 episodes. I guess characters are more important than the art.