Shamus is dead

October 31st, 2007 by Author

I mean, he is dead for me (I learned this joke from an online comic “PvP”, so it may be offensive, I cannot know (but I’m not claiming that anyone who fails to laugh with me is racist)).

Seriously though… Shamus wrote a few things about anime, but then gaming swallowed him. I think that feeling helpless in the face of the gaming borg made me bitter and resentful towards gamers.

P.S. I tried to find “dead for me” strip, but instead I found a joke about Ranma (actually it’s a joke about panda, but still). PvP itself is dead for me too.

UPDATE: This happens often enough. Here’s what Sama Zama wrote:

So, I guess college life doesn’t lend itself to anime reviewing. Someone should have warned me. Thus, I have literally been anime-free for about…a year. I have not touched or even glimpsed at anything anime-related. No blogs, no sites, no nothing. I got a job at an EB Games across from campus and focused my mania entirely on video games, and forsook my poor animated hobby.