Clannad begins

November 1st, 2007 by Author

Clannad is disturbing, but its visuals are outstanding. In other words, nothing unexpected. One personal note though… I hated the Toei’s Kanon because the girls were defective, unpleasant, annoying, repulsive, etc. I even bypassed its remake. In Clannad, they are only defective, which seems like a step forward.

Raw notes:

  • NICE CHEST (Misae)
  • Meh 3D (a room and light)
  • 乙女のインスピレションです     OK I’m sold on this show — for now!
  • ID girls by their “antennas” only (Nagisa Furukawa)
  • HOLY PAN WRAPPER! It’s transparent!
  • WTF with perspective jumps. Flashbacks?
  • Or mother. Indeed… 1 extra antenna.
  • Comedy Central – never hurts [I do not remember what this was about. Probably I meant the family of funny retartds. — Author]
  • But actually it must be some Key/Kyoto rule about defective characters.
  • Oh shit, forgot about the father.