The first episode

Seen randomly at Kineska (one of Nick's favs apparently):

Disc 1 of "Divergence Eve" showed up too, and I figured I was going to use that & "009-1" for an opportunity to do a boobjoke-themed post, but really, I could barely get through 1 episode of that stinker. In two tries, having stopped it in exasperation about 4 minutes in on my first attempt. I really should have known better, but the Netflix reviews said something about it becoming a decent bit of sci-fi despite the rediculous chesty-ness of the characters. As of now I could care less if it turns out to be the most poignant observation of the human condition, there's no way I want to sit through that crap to get there.

I know someone is going to sigh heavily reading that, and maybe remember Charles Solomon.

By the way, Kineska is simply a bad example due to its poorly grounded perspective, but in general I enjoy reading about anime from people who are not, to make a gross stereotype, habitual downloaders of the latest fansub. The Iwani Hana might be something in that vein.