Tales of Symphonia

November 7th, 2007 by Author

Coincidently to the discussion of OAVs, Tales of Symphonia is an OVA for which I had high hopes since it is being done by Ufotable (known for 2×2 Shinobuden). It did not work out.

The main issue seems in the gaming heritage, starting with the clothing (e.g. Lloyd wears his krags to school). The setting and the world was too artificial. I think what broke me was the visual effect during the fight which is simply taken from the game. I could even survive the lack of noses, but the overal retardedness of the show wore me out and the colorful strike traces delivered the coup de gras.

I do not have anything specifically against the gaming cinema. I watched Street Fighter and Mortal Combat, but this seems like a really poor treatment of anime, like someone filmed a campaign without any adaptation.

UPDATE 2008/1/6: One of Impz’s minions posted a more favourable take, complete with awful screencaps (wrong asppect ratio and artifacts all over).