Wonderduck and YKK

November 17th, 2007 by Author

At first it’s surprising that someone might not be aware of the iconic work, but on the other hand, we all had to discover it one day. So does Mr. Duck.

I am (proudly) an anime man and do not read manga as a rule. There is a certain danger in knowing too much, for which YKK may be a good data point. IMHO, the anime stacks poorly against its manga origin, and the knowledge of manga poisons the whole experience.

BTW, the thought of Misago as an android did not occur to me. I thought she was some kind of a mutant, although, certainly, her unlimited lifespan hints a feral android. Maybe a failed “Beta” model?

UPDATE: I should probably mention that I found about YKK from Chibihalo, who used to write fanfics for it. So it was like… “Wait, wait, you tow a Texan from the front? Hmm…”