School Rumble begins

November 21st, 2007 by Author

So, everyone on the Net goes mad about ef. Meanwhile, in the Region 1…

I picked School Rumble by suggestion from Nanobot. He promised “amazing character development involving Karasuma”, and after watching 4 episodes I am pretty certain that cruelly pranked me. Karasuma is a side character with a Rock Lee haircut, who has no lines and no actions.

The comedy is pretty solid, but so far there was nothing but comedy. Animation is ok, I guess. Outline eyebrows under hair. Scales well, but nothing to write home about overall. For the record, I don’t mind low shade count, a-la Azumanga or Dennou Coil, if something else is there to carry the show, but bare comedy does not cut it for me. I’m thinking about dropping.