ef in Newtype USA

The November 2007 issue of Newtype USA is on the shelves, and it has a one-page feature about ef. It isn't even an article, just a collection of one-paragraph blurbs in the collage with a poster, and a summary of about 200 words. The anime they write about has little in common with the real ef. For one thing, Chihiro, who is essentially the main character, is not even mentioned in the summary. The show looks like yet another school romance, and the feature would not encourage me to watch at all.

It is obvious how this catastropy has happened (or I think it's obvious). The article must have been written in Japan, long before the series hit the air, and translated for Newtype USA months later. It's not their fault really, but here it is.

My family quit the subscription a few months ago. "Not interesting", they say. At the time I did not pay attention, but I think I understand it better now.

BTW, Newtype attaches a DVD with each issue, which contains an episode of a series. When fansubs get destroyed by Ledford, Sevakis, et. al., this practice is going to up the value of the magazine significantly. And they will be able to continue to put an ugly watermark on the video.