Shingu second pass

December 9th, 2007 by Author

Back when I encountered Shingu, I expressed a hope for better connection with it on the second pass. Unfortunately, it didn’t play out. I only see more animation errors (e.g. Hajime closes the door on the borrowed camera). One plot move became more dubious with the second take: when Moriyama carried out Harumi’s body out of the closed-off space, he should’ve not had the ability to do so. On the upside, the final explanation made more sense this time around. So, it was a wash. Enjoyable? Yes. Favourite? Hmm…

One good thing about Shingu is its consistent quality throughout. In Stellvia I do not rewatch anything between the end of the Great Mission and the beginning of the Genesis Mission. In Shingu, it’s all the same level and can be rewatched in sequence.