Owen is such a kidder

Published: Wed 12 December 2007
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I think Saturnine is pleading for linkage today.

I noticed that a majority of the anime blogs out there acted like RSS never existed, pingbacks and trackbacks were non-words, and comments souped up ego boosting (or as I like to say, e-go) guestbook entries. What links? Fellow anime bloggers didn’t exist, and how could you link to a non-existence about a theoretical post he or she might have done?

Trackbacks represent everything that is bad with ad-hoc protocol design without an ounce of thinking (the SPF was at least poorly thought out by incompetent engineers; trackbacks do not have even that merit).

Episode blogs are a stand-alone affair that don’t really need external linkage, social networking, or all the trappings of a conventional blog in any blogosphere. The sheer traffic obtained through it alone is usually sufficient for the blogger to not have to bother with pesky things like linking, with would entail getting to know other bloggers, reading their blogs, and so on.

Obviously he is rapping the balls of Moero Amazon here... ^_^

Editorial blogs are the opposite. They network through sheer necessity, linking to other bloggers of similar make in hopes that the 10 or so hits they deliver to the linked blog will ensure future reciprocation, or at least a guaranteed regular reader.

Owen is off by about an order of magnitute here. I know that he is employing a hyperbola, but to keep things in perspective, his own blog is worth about 45, Jeff and SDB pull 80 to 120, DbD (nee AoMM) — 180. Ani-nouto? Good question.

All I request of you in return is that you spread the word around. Link to this post if you know of bloggers reading your blog who will be blogging throughout the season instead of puking their guts out at 4 in the AM.

I suppose this request was appended to the rear end of rather long and dubious post to check if anyone reads that far... I probably would not if not for Kabitzin:

I’m always interested to see which anibloggers frequently visit and comment on other aniblogs. Like, if you dated and then broke up with Totali, and you liked to comment on aniblogs, wouldn’t that be super awkward? It’s hard enough avoiding your ex IRL!

Fortunately, I'm old and shameless, so this question does not apply... Wait, what I'm thinking here?