Ayase Days

January 8th, 2008 by Author

We all have our hangups. I steer away from yaoi, traps, and lesbians — although only when they are real, so Mikan does not count. And even then everything is balanced against the overall quality (which is why Simoun is still teetering in my evaluation list after a year). Steven, apparently, has issues with masturbation (and judging by the font size, these issues are pretty big: 36 points or larger).

I didn’t see much of Midori no Hibi, because I became bored too quickly, but I remember how amazing it looked. It was especially noticeable in shots of Ayase. I think it had something to do with the pioneering use of computers in 2D by Studio Perrot, at the time when every studio tried to push 3D, and consumers pushed back. One way or the other, the result was groundbreaking.