Bugfox on Kanon

Kanon (2006)–Anime Review:

[] I don’t think I’ve ever changed changed my mind as often as I did while watching this one. // Partly it’s a matter of expectations. The early episodes look like a light-hearted comedy. Indeed, the distributor is explicitly marketing it as a comedy. But it is not really a comedy at all, and parts of it are emotionally wrenching to watch. Nor is it a realistic drama. I prefer to think of it as a modern fairy tale; a story whose characters wander down strange paths and end up trapped in an abyss of dispair, but are ultimately saved by the purity of their hearts and a bit of supernatural assistance.

I'm still not watching it, and not just because I was poisoned by Toei. These girls are still too defective for me. But I can give a justice to a balanced, even positive review.

UPDATE: He also has spoiler notes to match.