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Published: Fri 25 January 2008
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Firstly, January is running out, but tickets are not yet available. Why is it that tickets to AX available, although AX is 4 months later? I don't know if I should become concerned...

TAF own blog:

We went to “New York Anime Festival 2007”. This festival was held in month of December 7,8, and 9th at NY. This anime festival is the first time to be held in NY. This festival mainly focuses on Japanese animation Therefore a lot of Japanese-anime costume players visited to the festival. Most of the exhibitors sell animation goods and then many teenagers bought those things. But, some exhibitors sell not only animation goods but also Japanese traditional things (Kimono, Katana, etc.) for extending Japanese culture. Moreover, there are many screenings and panels to show and explain Japanese animation.

We are as alien to them as they are to us (although it's not a symmetric relationship otherwise, because they make anime and we don't).

Industry Babble:

My current plan is to go to Japan a week before TAF, do our license meeting run on Monday through Wednesday (although I think there's a national holiday on Monday), go to TAF on Thursday and maybe half-day on Friday, hop on a plane on Friday, arrive in Seattle and spend Friday afternoon through Sunday at Sakura Con, then fly back to Los Angeles on Monday.

Mere mortals like ourselves are only allowed to TAF on Saturday. I, too, noticed that Sakura clashes with TAF, but I reckoned that organizers could not imagine how anyone could want to visit both.

P.S. Dear bloggers: Please provide site feeds. Thanks in advance, your faithful readers.