Keitai Shoujo ends

February 3rd, 2008 by Author

Frankly, this was just bad. To add insult to the injury, the anime itself is well made, including script and direction, but the 6-minute format simply strangles it dead.

Not giving us any real time with Rin was downright criminal and inexcusable.

Imagine that you get to watch Figure 17, but they only show you this:

… but not this:

… this:

… or this:

You may be able to guess that you might be watching a piece of something good, but what you’re actually watching would be artificial and hollow.

The only good thing was that I learned how to say “please be my girlfriend”: オレと付き合って(つきあって)くれ. Utterly useless, since I’m married, but I cannot leave an anime without salvaging something, even if a little bit.

Liked: Umm… no.
Rewatch: No.

FRIDGE UPDATE: Coincidently, Moero Amazon reported on Keitai Shoujo today. The entry is largely non-judgemental, as far as I can tell. She was a little concerned that the anime would become “muddy” (どろどろ)… I cannot understand Japanese to puzzle that message out. Also, she hasn’t seen the final episode… I don’t know why.

UPDATE: あいらさんのために第6話の画面キャプチャー: