Linux and anime

It has become fashionable to post "I installed Linux, and...", which is cute and everything, but frankly fails to interest me. One reason is, I used Linux as my exclusive desktop since 1995, so I'm quite beyond caring for Realtek drivers sucking or other such small things.

But more importantly, I sense a distinct lack of anime. What I would really like to know is how everyone rips (or downloads), stores, manages, encodes, and watches their anime on Linux. For example, we know that VLC, up to and including 0.8.6d, artefacts on H.264 encoded ef. Unfortunately, I cannot abandon VLC because no other application has painless capture of screencaps for blogging (partisans of MPlayer were heard to dissent, but they never showed how exactly they make MPlayer to behave.). Or how about teaching fellow anime enthusiasts to find the correct title and chapter on their DVDs to rip? Something like that would be useful animeblogging about Linux. But Compiz? Bah.

UPDATE: Artit replies and adds a suggestion:

Screen captures with MPlayer - Just use the x11 video output module (-vo x11 on the command line), and take screenshots with your favorite program, or add -vf screenshot to your command line and hit the s key.

I had some issues with 's', but switching to X11 is the old standby trick. At least Mplayer shows video in a separate window, so it's easier to crop later.