Yurikamome Line Announcements

Published: Tue 12 February 2008
By Author

In taf.

I am bending the full power of this fully armed and operational battle station... er... I mean, the full power of the Internet to scout my way across Tokyo. Google Maps, naturally, feature prominently; I was able to find my hotel's building by matching photos on its website with the satellite images (CIA move over). Also, I watch Youtube videos of various locations I have to cross, mostly trains and train stations.

Among those was a video of Yurikamome Line which has nothing but the soundtrack of announcements, made, as we know, by bona fide seiyū. The wikipedia article contains a convenient list.

If I understand correctly, most of the announcements have to do with exits leading to restrooms. Not only that, but restrooms come in three types: "joshtoire" / 女トイレ for ladys, "danshtoire" / 男トイレ for men, and "daredemotoire" / 誰でもトイレ, which I suppose are unisex. It could be funny to see foreigners select wrong entrance, but since Odaiba is such a touristy area, I expect lots of English signage... unfortunately.