Most blogged at Ani-nouto

Today, the top 10 categories are:

ef 26
Lucky star 23
Manabi 18
Rocket Girls 17
Shingu 16
Figure17 13
Gurren-Lagann 11
Rahxephon 10
Azumanga 9
Naruto 9

I have already started to throttle ef by combining entries and dropping anythig inessential. But it was too little, too late. I don't see any series breaking ef's supremacy any time soon, regretfuly.

Otherwise, it's a pretty decent group. Might as well make it into a recommended list.

P.S. I did not mean to imply that ef was bad. What I regret is that I do not see anything so captivating and blogworthy on the horizon.

UPDATE: Aziz writes:

okay, I am torrenting ef. The repeated mention of it was like endless drops of water carving down the mountain into sand.

This is exactly what I was afraid of. At least have not promised to drop me off his feedlist in disgust... yet.