SDB on Naruto

Steven is trying to stir up trouble... And it may even work, I'm going to watch the comment section. Meanwhile, the thought to fisk the post and expose his massive ignorance has crossed my mind, but somehow it does not seem like fun. It would play like this:

What does [Naruto] give me that DBZ doesn't give me better?

For one thing, when people are killed in Naruto, they stay dead.

Right... If I wanted this sort of thing, I'd be posting to forums instead of blogging.

Truth to be told, Naruto has lots and lots of problems for which any other series would get racked over coals, but since most of the critics (except Don et al) seem to concentrate on rubble-rousing (starting with Naruto's attire), any discussion quickly degenerates and questions which need to be asked never get to be asked. OK, some people do ask, sometimes. I collect links and quotes and perpetually plan to address them at an undetermined future date, but somehow it never happens.