Hung on Anime Blog Awards

Seen at BasuGasuBakuhatsu:

Wait… who did set this up? The email I got form my form was just signed by “The Anime Blog Awards Committee.” At first I thought it was “The Anime Blog” who was setting it up, but I’m not so sure now. It all seems a bit shady.

I'm not claiming to be an Internet super-sleuth (as "metantei" was translated in Haruhi), but they aren't really hiding. It says right there in the footer: "Modified for The Anime Blog Awards by mellow_bunny 2008." It has Donation Drive gauge. And the e-mail was sent from, which resolves to (it's a /15 block, but you can fuzzy-search your own server logs).

So at least the identity of the Committee secretary's is known. In a HK movies they would kidnap Mellow and toture him until he named the others.