Aziz on ef

He dropped it, but the summary is quite amusing. I have already decided not to feel any guilt, so I'm enjoying reading his take.

1. Who the heck are these people? I confused the two main male leads a couple of times, and there seemed to be two extraneous females, not counting the twins (in different grades of school). The outset of the series gives you no clue as to who is important and who is less so. I really thought that the video guy was the main character initially. Then I thought maybe it’s the running girl. Then the bicycling guy. No wait it’s the girl who steals his bike. No wait it’s this OTHER guy who hangs out at this deserted rail station. NO wait wait it’s this girl who he meets there….

The truth is: all of them are main characters, except the video club president. I haven't heard anyone trotting out this complaint before, but in a way, it rings true; it may be hard to wrap one's mind around the concept. On the other hand, we did have a wave of shows with multitude of "leading" characters (e.g. Kimikiss where Mao is almost but not quite the female lead.). I suppose I was lucky to latch onto Chihiro early.

2. Really annoying visual "pieces of flair". These are hard to describe; if I had the patience I’d have screenshot a few. []

Aziz is talking about the streetlight. Man, that was bad. As luck had it again, I was immune to it, but so many people complained that it must've grated like big heads in Manabi.

He goes on to spoil further, but I suppose anyone who's seen an anime blog knows the premise of ef and that Kamina dies, so:

If she’d written "I love him" would she act on this the next day, assuming it to be true?

We know that she does, however, and I think it was a delicious way to play it, Chihiro is not entirely precise in her notes, and sometimes it's intrinsically difficult. She didn't have an anthropologist's degree when she was 12 and nobody taught her thick description techniques. Therefore, when she acts upon her notes, she deviates from what actually happened when she reinterprets them. It is a persistent theme and I saw it enacted way before the infamous confession confusion.