Evirus on Sky Girls

Since the Wonderducks's hilarious "Dear Dad..." account is lost forever [*], I suppose the post at Karmaburn is my new canonical description from now on. Evirus is quite tame in it though:

Sky Girls TV is mostly harmless. It takes no risks and offers little to offend or titillate. The series plays it safe, so viewers are treated to a show that’s neither especially good nor especially bad. Perhaps its reception would have been better had Sky Girls been a Gonzo travesty or a controversial, avant garde Gainax vehicle.

Nice, but we need more capsule comments... How about SHAFT visual confusion? Child of KyotoAni megahype?

[*] I'm asking Pixy to repair it, we'll see if it works.

UPDATE: I forgot to link Stripey shilling for Sky Girls. His reaction was not as funny as Wonderduck's, but interesting nonetheless.

UPDATE: Steven suggests the correct link to Wonderduck. There was also a continuation for the TV series, IIRC.

UPDATE: Official word from Wonderduck.