Druaga 08

May 24th, 2008 by Author

Episode 08 of Tower of Druaga had all marks of a filler, except it wasn’t. Also, Kaaya shows that she can carry a hidden agenda.

Does this look familiar?

I’ve seen this ritual in Nadeshiko:

There, it was revealed that they drank a fruit-flavoured milk drink. Here, Coopa reveals the way to open it, using a special tool:

Since I’m not a woman, this information is utterly useless for me, but I hope a girl weaboo somewhere is reading this and making notes.

BTW, I figured out how to drink ramune without ouside help.

And since we’re on topic, Ubu wrote in comments: “I am near certain that Kaya is his [Gil’s] daughter and princess, and Ahmey is an imperial guard detailed to help her.” I’m really dense, so I thought that Ahmey just clung to Kaaya randomly. But after today’s episode it’s clear that Kaaya knows what she’s doing, so Ubu’s suggestion becomes near certain indeed.

UPDATE 2008/05/28: Jason is strangely slow with an update, but go there to see more screencaps and spoilers.