Dai-Guard notebook

May 26th, 2008 by Author

I think I like this show more than it deserves, but there’s no accounting for love.

Dai-Guard’s animation varies a lot, and so produces some pretty stunning examples. I am just scared to think how many blue and pink lines were drawn for the above. And it’s not a still shot either: you can see the flag flopping, Chiaki and Fuuka’s faces changing as they regard the monster. They just don’t do it like this anymore.

To compliment the above, here’s the image with worst layering errors I’ve seen across any anime. Macross F places one panty pole improperly and fans flood the forums. If had anything like this in it, heads would roll. By the way, look at the confining lines of the document in the lower left. The same document cuts into the pillar from the other side. The layers are not just poorly made, but also offset.

I’ve seen a show just recently which specifically touched upon drunks moving their ties to their heads (I think it migh’ve been Lucky Star). Although supposedly a widespread practice, here’s the only other example I have. BTW, I’m not quite sure why they continue to party in the hangar, since the alert was lifted.

This is a strange rendition of -sai (ー才). Normally, age is written with “ー歳”, and the above is seen as a part of “tensai”, etc.

One strange thing that struck me in Dai-Guard’s military was how much leeway middle and senior officers had in it. For crying out loud, Busujima is only a major (which makes Shirota a captain, I guess). In late 80s USSR, the lowest the decision to use nukes moved was a 1-star general, and that with a prior authorization. But when Okouchi ordered the OE strike, he sure didn’t look like a general to me. In the picture above he’s together with Nishijima, who was still a colonel 15 years down the road.

This rendition of Yurikamome is rather faithful, and tingled my recognition, except they used stock railroad sounds to come with it. But Yurikamome makes different sounds because it rides rubber tires. Also, Yurikamome is significantly more expensive than Rinkai line. So, why does Akagi commute by it?