I saw it, but I'm doing something important right now, so I cannot play. I only unpacked it and gave it a quick check while one of reboots triggered a filesystem check.

Woops, an overlap. Also, using "затвори хлебало" would be much classier, IMHO. I'm not a big fan of pointless obscenities (although, Author-chan may be).

UPDATE: The intermission was quite funny, I laughed out loud. I did not get all references, unfortunately.

I did ok on the first test (285), blew the second (110), and managed to pass the final (1110) with the help of many reloads. I understood what was going on when I shot the baby dango. After that it was a matter of peppering the targets. For some reason, finding the spot on Impz was next to impossible.

UPDATE: Icy says the samurai smelling of sunflowers refers to Samurai Champloo (I only saw a random episode of it). I think I've got the rest.