Kuro on Youtube shenagians

June 14th, 2008 by Author

Kurogane is not happy about YouTube versions of [Tower of] Druaga which started to pressure viewers to use Crunchyroll. According to him, the Druaga 10 used the upper letterbox space in the 4:3 YouTube window to advertise Crunchyroll, and Druaga 11 is truncated and ends with an offer to see the full episode at Crunchyroll.

This looks like a good time for me to say something about superiority of actually buying the episodes (I spent 1100 BOST points, or about 22 U.S. dollars thus far), and to lampoon Kuro’s cheap-ass lameness. But I won’t. What Crunchyroll is doing is just nasty. The deal was to show the series for free on YouTube. We don’t know why GONZO agreed to that, and the deal made little sense to me, but since they did, they should have followed through with it. Now we know that either Cruncyroll or GONZO is not trustworthy (if GONZO made the decision to truncate the episode, it’s them; if Crunchyroll made it behind GONZO’s back, then the obvious).

In short, Kuro is still lame for not paying for his show, but he made his decision based on the information available at the start of the season, and was deceived. That is inexcusable and outrageous.

UPDATE: Kurogane swiftly replies, with objections to the adjective “lame”. Numbers he’s giving for DVDs are pretty bad, although being in Malaysia he could have watched at BOST (the only country locked out is Japan, due to GONZO’s deal with Goia). Keep in mind that BOST sells DRM-free downloads, which makes $2/ep a much better deal than mere streaming would. In the end, he’s asking a key question:

I wonder if Author would’ve been willing to spend USD 70 (that’s the amount of ringgit that 22 USD converts to) on Druaga, if it were priced as such.

The answer is “no”. Druaga is not worth 70 bucks. That said, there are shows which I would buy for that much, and in fact I have (for example, I collected Azumanga volume-by-volume, for approximately $130).