Random thought about Figure 17

June 19th, 2008 by Author

As I mentioned before, the combat weariness of Tsubasa is one of the central themes of Figure 17, and a similar phenomenon plays a role in Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I just remembered another depiction of it, in Death of a Hero by Richard Aldington. While Ender reaches the finish line, the protagonist of Aldington is so worn by the burden of fighting by the end, that he makes a simple mistake and gets killed mere couple of weeks before the Armstice. Watch the anime to know if Tsubasa squeaks by. I’ll only add that when compared to the literature, Figure 17 showed it pretty well.

I do not remember any anime treading there. Banner of the Stars is unparalleled in showing the tension and terror of naval combat in space, but the operation Phantom Flame is not long enough to need to deal with the kind of issues Tsubasa has to deal with. The 08th MS Team does not do it either. And I do not watch mecha and military stuff to remember much else.