Twelve Kingdoms is suspended

I get it, it's epic. Or, to be frank, this anime seriously overdozes on its attempts to be epic. But fortunately I've reached a point (the recap episode), where I can safely suspend it until a better time.

The governance system of the kingdoms is a curious design. It features the rule preordained by Heavens, where natural disasters would occur if the ruler implements misguided policies. I cannot help seeing some kind of wish fulfilment in it, by an immature political philosopher mentally stuck in medieval concept of government. At least the liberal fascists running Somedays Dreamers were thoroughly modern. The population could do something about that at least theoretically. But in Twelve Kingdoms, it's all a divine dictate with no leeway.

Taming of Yuka was ok, I guess. And in general I have no beef with the dramatic element.

BTW, I don't necesserily agree with a more high-brow critique of the series. Identified villains? Not a problem.

UPDATE: Aziz replies with: "As far as being too-epic-y, I think that 12 Kingdoms is less guilty of trying too hard than Escaflowne." Perhaps so, but still.