ANN interviews Gurren-Lagann staff

July 29th, 2008 by Author

First-hand journalism at ANN (via)? Look for yourself as Egan Loo interviews Gurren-Lagann staff:

Takeda: [] When we actually first suggested [the episode], they said, “Oh, it shouldn’t be a problem.” Yet, when we completed the animation footage and showed it to them, they said, “There’s no way we can show this.” The biggest issue was that peeking into the women’s bath — that act alone — is illegal. Therefore, we can’t show that during a child-friendly timeslot. Why couldn’t they have told us that when we gave them the script before? So we had to do what we could to get it on the air.

Fascinating. I am thrilled with anticipation of seeing Boota saving the day (yes, I haven’t seen that episode yet).


Yamaga: We hope to be working on Gurren Lagann for the next decade. This work we know as Gurren Lagann will continue.