Sixten and Jason split

July 29th, 2008 by Author

According to today’s post at Heart’s Content, Jason abrubtly resigned from the manga project. The split apparently was precipitated by the Miao-sensei doujin. What a SHOKKA.

Actually, I’m not all that surprised. When Chainmail Bikini ended, Shawn, the artist, made (or confirmed) a few good points which cast doubt over the viability of any such remote collaboration. So even without the doujin the manga battled against the odds.

In fact, I doubt that the doujin was the problem at all. I was quite happy and flattered to see Author-tan, not in the least because of the publicity. Surely Jason ought to see the benefits of letting Sixten to roam freely… as long as manga was being made.

But it looks like the latter part was lacking. Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade summed up what makes a successful comic artist thus: “Draw like crazy every day and never miss a deadline”. Oh well. Sixten is going to come out of it stronger.