Strike Witches 05

July 31st, 2008 by Author

So we have the groping episode, not to mention Yoshika’s weird dreams. Also, huge cop-outs: a broken Striker unit is faster than a good one, and a witch can easily destroy Neuroi ship by ramming it. Terrible.

The only upside is, the next episode is to feature Sanya. Then I can quit this freak show, hopefuly.


We’ve reached the point where logic is getting thrown out of the window though; what shredded her swimsuit should have shredded her. Not to mention the minor detail of Miyafuji and Lynn suddenly not knowing how to swim, despite getting dumped in the ocean during episode 3.

I am not sure if I should address that. Indeed, the episode was just that bad. The obvious difference between then and now is, the enlisted duo is made to dink without using the magic this time. So that explains why they cannot swim with anchors on their legs. But then how exactly do they equip Striker units without magic? Worse, few minutes down the road they carry their units ashore. Excuse me, but each of them weighs no less than 300kg apiece.

UPDATE: Chizumatic:

And now we’ve got another case of Miyafuji groping someone. WHAT IS THIS SHIT? [Uppercase in the original — Author]

Poor Steven!

Also, think Chuck Yeager approves?

UPDATE from the raw watchers:

If you’re watching the subs, note that a joke was lost in the translation, as Lynne’s remark about doing hentai hikou, “formation flying” 「編隊飛行」, was supposed to make you think “perverted misconduct” 「変態非行」, just like Yoshika did.

Also, raw screencaps look pretty nice (no disrespect to BOST).