Strike Witches 06

I'm done with Strike Witches and I'm going to celebrate. The episode 06 wasn't anything special, but it was nice.

The blog resolution does not give this eyecatch justice. And of course, frozen wastelands is the stereotype used here, only made cute.

Sanya at night (episode prologue).

Is this Ford Trimotor or Ju-52? You can barely make Sanya above the airplane making aileron rolls. {UPDATE: Steven says: "It's definitely a Ju-52; the Tri-moter had a high wing." But of course. What was I thinking?}

A rare close-up of Miss Hartmann.


Miyafuji, Yeager, Luccini.

Miyafuji, Juutilainen, Litvyak. Check out the hair models.

Strike Witches without fanservice? Impossible! BOST version is sadly censored. At least ep.06 wasn't all about camel toe unlike some other episodes.

Position lights on Striker units is a nice touch.

Charles Johnson, call your office. Someone is using achronical proportional fonts again.

I never stop being amazed at the ability of Strike Witches to avoid prop strikes in scenes like this.

The grand finale.

BTW, the episode has hooks for a political/suspense/military story, presumably to unfold in the second half of the season. Sounds like a perfect time to jump ship.