Evirus on Asatte no Houkou


I fully agree that Asatte no Houkou is a very good show — presumably doubly so if you like Karada, Tetsumasa, and Hiro more than I did. That I still found Asatte no Houkou so enjoyable despite liking only Shouko is a testament to J.C. Staff’s storytelling abilities. I’m pleased the plot did not dissolve into Freaky Friday antics and misunderstandings. Rather, Asatte no Houkou focused on the trouble with preconceptions. To that end, I encourage you to approach Asatte no Houkou without preconceptions of your own — even ones that I may have germinated.

Duly noted.

I have put Asatte no Houkou into the queue after I saw Owen parsing it at length (although I didn't link it at once because I was peeved at his disgusting IRC brawl with Xak and Bj0rn on July 16, 2007). Evirus' post is a timely reminder to bump the show up the order.