Hung falls to Geass

August 25th, 2008 by Author

Owen tried to persuade me to watch Code Geass, but I goofed off until he fell off the face of the Net. But just as I started to think that between that and the disastrous TV ratings of Geass S2(R2) I may be able to get away, Hung folds up and watches it, citing as a reason his desire to get Sayoko jokes (no category?!) and other reasons:

I actually wrote about considering watching this more than a year ago but I guess I couldn’t be persuaded. Really, the only reason I finally ended up seeing it was that I loaded it on my iPhone in preparation for a long plane flight.

I’m not sure I like it yet, but Code Geass seems to be so integral to a well rounded knowledge of anime and weeaboo culture that I’m basically being forced to watch it.

Well… I wonder if he (and not is brother-in-law) likes Naruto.

I guess I should say something about what I thought of the first episode. I realize this post is going to resemble some kind of weird time warp. Like if a recently unfrozen caveman started writing about what he thought of automobiles or something.

I know what Hung means. I’m about to write a post about Marimite of all things…